From the Aegean Sea to the Bahamas, we’re all about Picnic!

Picnic (pĭknĭk):


  1. A meal eaten outdoors, as on an excursion.
  2. Slang. An easy task or a pleasant experience.
  3. A chance to show off cute Picnic at Ascot insulated bags.

The sun’s out, the weather’s warming up… It’s picnic time!

We just received new shipment of insulated bags, wine carriers, and more to make your picnic, well…. a walk in the park. The wine carriers are insulated and come with corkscrews, so no more heartache from being unable to open your favorite chilled Rosé… The lunch packs come with utensils plus salt and pepper shakers, all you have to supply is your own gourmet concoction. Here are a few suggestion of what to pack for your picnic:

bread + cheese + cured meat or dried fruit
bread + hummus + fresh fruit

I’m convinced my girlfriends and I had the best hiking snacks of anyone when we hit up the Grand Canyon last weekend: cranberry/hazelnut bread, havarti, and perfect dried apricots; green chile cheese bread with spinach hummus; a few oranges; and dark chocolate for dessert. The bf and I also consistently rock the best climbing lunches as well: bread or water crackers, semi-soft cheeses, and smoked salmon.

Take a bottle of wine or some Fat Tire Ale in cans (cans transport way easier and Fat Tire seems to be the best beer available in cans) and call it a day.

— from SeriousEats

Or how about this encyclopedia-like picnic friendly recipes by Mark Bittman:  101 20-Minute Dishes for Inspired Picnics

Who says life is no picnic?