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congratulations to Lydia Auslander, winner of our Julie & Julia raffle

Lydia Auslander, the winner of our raffle prize worth over $300!

Lydia Auslander, the winner of our raffle prize worth over $300!

Carla, our store manager

Carla, our store manager, in action...

we had so much fun at the julie & julia movie premier… thank you to all our customers and moviegoers who stopped by our table, it was a pleasure to meet all of you!

the movie is absolutely entertaining and we are delighted in the renewed interest in julia child and her legacy. she introduced accessible, authentic french cuisine in america with passion and precision. it took her and her co-writers, simone “simca” beck and louisette bertholle, many years to get mastering the art of french cooking just right to be published. the book won critical acclaim and was a bestseller despite initial doubts that americans would be too intimidated by its encyclopedic-like approach to recipes. and now, 49 years after its initial release, the book is once again a bestseller, a testament to julia child’s enduring charm.

we also highly recommend my life in france, which “recounts in detail the culinary experiences she and husband Paul Child enjoyed while living in Paris and Marseilles, including her excited description of the Sole meunière lunch she savored in Rouen the day of their arrival, and which sparked her obsession with French cuisine”

keep on cooking!

“you have no real talent for cooking”


this entry’s title comes from a line uttered in heavy french accent from the upcoming movie julie & julia, starring meryl streep and amy adams. even if the movie bombed (which it probably won’t, judging from positive pre-release chatter), i won’t be able to resist seeing meryl streep as julia child. also, it has been awhile since a food-centric movie premiered so i am doubly excited. the movie opens on august 7, 2009.

in the ’90s i occasionally watched julia child’s cooking program on PBS in my dorm room. i instantly love her carefree and fearless personality, even without realizing that she’s a huge american icon in popular culture as well as food enthusiasts’ patron saint. for the longest time i thought she was british!

i have watched countless cooking shows and concluded that there is nobody quite like julia child. she’s truly special…

some behind the scene scoops:

from steamy kitchen blog:

from serious eats blog:

— mel harjono