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San Saba Trio of Jams

ever wonder why we decided to carry these jams from San Saba River Pecan Company?

we always try to find new artisanal products for our customers. one of the ways of achieving it is by going to trade shows, scouring aisle after aisle for unique things that we can proudly put on our shelves. we tasted many food items, some are tasty and some… not so tasty. San Saba River Pecan Company’s preserves fall into the tasty category…

yes, we realize the company’s name is a mouthful, and their concoctions can be a bit daunting to try.   if you are not sure how Cranberry, Chili, and Pecan preserves will taste like, come to our store on Saturdays to find out for yourself what we discovered at the trade show: these award winning preserves are delicious! the pecans come straight from the company’s orchard, which is located right in the heart of Texas’ famed Hill Country; you know you are getting the freshest nuts inside every jars.

these flavors are undeniably memorable — a great addition to your party or your morning toasts!


  1. says

    You forgot the “… Inc.” in the company! Ha ha ha. These do look like the kind of artisan preserves I love! Look at that gorgeous color!

    • says

      Hah! You are right, I need to put the “Inc.” and “The Great”
      If you ever in that area (Hill Country, Texas) you can go and visit their orchard.
      The picture looks cute, and it’s by a river. I can imagine having a riverside picnic
      with some cold cut meat, crisp white wine, and those jams… yum!

      Thanks for stopping by, Mark! 🙂

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