No Knead

An amazingly chewy Irish Wholemeal with Homemade Cider

No Knead Bread?

Yes. And you may never make bread any other way again. I may not buy bread ever again. This was the easiest thing I have ever cooked in my life by far. The secret? Don’t mess with it. This is the NYTimes reviewed bread found at the well known Sullivan Street Bakery in New York City. I followed the mother recipe in My Bread: The Revolutionary No-Work, No-Knead Method, it was simple and the only thing you need to know is, it should be wetter than any other bread you’ve tried to make. Never Baked bread before? If you have a covered Ceramic casserole, a Creuset and emile henry covereed baking dish or any other glazed cast iron or ceramic dish- you’re ready to go. The one thing this recipe calls for that’s different than most conventional breads (minus sourdoughs) is about 18 hours of initial rise time and 2-4 hours of secondary rise time. I just started my second loaf at around 6 pm, which should make it workable by noon- but I can wait til 5 if I need to. Follow the instructions in the NYTimes article or buy the book. I know you’re thinking, well so what if Garrison thinks it’s easy, he can cook. Trust me, try it.

Here’s what I did…

+/- 3C Bread Flour (Must be Bread Flour)
1-1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp dry yeast
1-1/3 C cool water (55º-65ºf) Winter tap is prob. 45º (I used cider that was semi-hardened in the fridge- don’t use anything that has potassium sorbate or you’ll kill the yeast.)

Whole wheat bran, flour or something else for dusting.

Mix water with yeast, stir, add salt, add flour, it should be fairly wet so i mixes well, but not so it puddles or smears in the bowl…(mix it quickly with a wooden spoon in a ceramic, glass or plastic bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and forget it for a day and a half or more- (start it at night, say 10pm- then the next evening, you’re ready for stage 2)

Turn out onto a floured surface and quickly fold 1-2 times and immediately shape into a ball (it’s gonna be soft). Place it on a liberally dusted kitchen towel (NOT TERRY), like linen or smooth cotton. COver ball with more bran dust or whatever you choose and cover with another towel. Let sit to rise again for 2-4 hrs.
1/2 hr before the bread is ready to bake- preheat oven and a cast iron covered dutch oven or ceramic casserole with lid to 475º. Carefully and quickly flop the dough into the cast iron pot, shake it a bit to settle it and cover, bake for 1/2 hr. uncover and go another 5-15 mins based on color. Let cool for 1/2 hr. (This is a must). Enjoy!


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    Wow! You mean all I need is time? (not thyme!!)…….I have failed at every bread making endeavor I have ever tried…..
    So, I am going to try this, and as they say in the movies “I’ll get back to you”…….

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    My friend Erika Swinson emailed me about this post…interesting. I’ve been baking a long time, but recently really got back into regular (at least weekly) baking and now into artisan breads. I just tried a peasant bread from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. I’ll be posting about that soon at my blog, Jeff’s Bread Adventures. I also like several breads from Bread Baker’s apprentice, and from Maggie Glezer’s Artisan Breads, and Advanced Breads and Pastry.
    Thanks for posting this one. I’ll give it a try.

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    Thanks for checking it out Jeff!

    I’ve got a new one ready to go in a few hours- Black Current Black Bread. It’s a dried current mash rehydrated in boiling water, cooled with around 1/4 C of cocoa added to the bread. This one has only bread flour in the mix with the irish wholemeal on the outside. Can’t wait to see this baby. I’ll post photos when it comes out.

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