Nespresso is giving away $50 credit towards your coffee!

nespresso_rebateif you have been thinking about getting a Nespresso machine, now is a good time to purchase one. any machine purchase $299 and above, Nespresso will give $50 credit towards coffee pods. this promo is running from April 30th thru June 30th, so you will have plenty of time to decide. come to our store and experience Nespresso yourself.

we had been looking around for  espresso machines to carry in our store but could not find a brand we were truly happy with. then at a trade show in Chicago over a year ago, we stopped by Nespresso’s booth and were truly impressed by their espresso and the machine’s ease of use.

a fancy espresso machine is only as good as the espresso it produces; nestle, which owns Nespresso,  offers 12 coffee blends to choose from plus some “special editions,” all of them taste smooth without bitterness. these machines make perfect espresso with a nice crema on top because it uses 19 Bar pressure pump, which is more pressure than your car tires. Nespresso machines are Swiss-made, you know you are getting superior technology and quality.

we also like that Nespresso makes the smallest espresso machine around, the Essenza. people have told us that they put these machines on their boats or RVs.


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