15 years ago Cook and Craft began its story at 27 Arcadia rd. in Old Greenwich, CT and a new way of thinking about cookshops emerged. Chefs and home cooks know exactly what they need to make amazing meals and it’s not always about fancy gadgets. Its a core selection of cookware and tools that have usefulness in all sorts of places with a few specialty tools thrown in for occasional needs. Add to that a small selection of lovingly crafted handmade items like cutting boards, bowls, ceramics and glassware and you have something that rides the line between gallery and kitchenware shop. Enter Cook and Craft.

Like Alice Waters, we believe that “The decisions you make are a choice of values that reflect your life in every way.” We’re here to help you with that decision making. We want you to have those rock solid tools along with well adorned pieces that show off your love for good taste on the palate and the palette, so whether you need a great cast iron pan or beautiful handblown glasses, we’re here to point you in the right direction.

Back in the 30’s right here in Greenwich, my grandfather Charles P Mason conducted most of his business on the golf course (so they say). He believed that success was not just financial, it was communal. To have a community that had access to things like parks and beaches was not a right of the rich but a right of the community and so he helped to forge relationships between families like the Tod family who generously gave their summer property to the town for the betterment of a community.

Enter the age of “Looking Down” we find that digital devices reign supreme and yet if you’ve ever tried to eat an iPod you’d find it not as satisfying to the tummy as it is to the ears. We love what technology does our lives, but nothing can replace the family meal, nothing. So with great love and encouragement we here at Cook and Craft invite you to stock your kitchens with steadfast tools that will stand the test of time and wonderfully crafted artwork for the table that will help you tell your family’s story.

And if you would, we’d like for you to share your story with us because we believe that no matter who you are and how much your worth, the stories you create around your table are the stuff of legends. These are the stories that will be told far longer than you would ever imagine.

So come on in and find something wonderful to help you tell your next story.